the spotlight show Episodes

The Spotlight Show was placed on pause at the beginning of 2021, as we still dealt with the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Look for the relaunch later in 2022.

Spotlight Show Episode 3

Episode 3

Jan. 2021.
Three new Contestants enter the Creative Challenge, each competing for the title of Most Creative Performer in Central Florida.

Swann Christopher (Actor/Acting Coach)
Jana Henry (Actor/MUA)
Danielle Bowman (Actor/Producer)

Spotlight Show Contestants

Episode 2

Dec. 2020. Holiday Episode.
The Spotlight Show Introduces a new way to showcase local Artists and Entertainers by adding Creative Challenges to the line-up.

Arlene Lagos (Author)
Desmond Holmes Actor)
Robin Hofmann (Director)

The Spotlight Show Episode 1

Episode 1

Nov. 2020. Pilot Episode.
Candid talks with people in Arts and Entertainment.
Singing performance by a young rising star.

Terry Olson (Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Orange County, FL)
Wes Miller (Filmmaker)
Josie Pantoja (Vocalist)