The Spotlight Show Episodes

The Spotlight Show was placed on pause at the beginning of 2021, as we still dealt with the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Look for a future relaunch with a new format.

Spotlight Show Episode 3

Episode 3

Jan. 2021.
Three new Contestants enter the Creative Challenge, each competing for the title of Most Creative Performer in Central Florida.

Swann Christopher (Actor/Acting Coach)
Jana Henry (Actor/MUA)
Danielle Bowman (Actor/Producer)

Spotlight Show Contestants

Episode 2

Dec. 2020. Holiday Episode.
The Spotlight Show Introduces a new way to showcase local Artists and Entertainers by adding Creative Challenges to the line-up.

Arlene Lagos (Author)
Desmond Holmes Actor)
Robin Hofmann (Director)

The Spotlight Show Episode 1

Episode 1

Nov. 2020. Pilot Episode.
Candid talks with people in Arts and Entertainment.
Singing performance by a young rising star.

Terry Olson (Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Orange County, FL)
Wes Miller (Filmmaker)
Josie Pantoja (Vocalist)